I am available to provide clinical supervision as well as weight-inclusive resources to individuals and patients.

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  • Are you anxious about a doctor’s appointment because you are dreading the “weight loss talk”? 
  • Are you trying to find community with other larger-bodied people? 
  • Are you aware that pursuing weight loss does harm, but your friends and family want you to join them on their diet plan? 


  • Is your clinical practice safe for fat people?
  • How do you treat someone who’s undergone weight loss surgery?
  • Is your office fat people friendly?
  • Are you clear that pursuing weight loss is harmful, but your clients want you to support their weight loss journey?
  • How do you work in a weight inclusive way with someone who’s had weight loss surgery?
  • How can you help clients considering weight loss surgery be able to give more informed consent?
  • Are you fat culture competent and aware of what you’re missing/need to work on?